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C.S. Officers Hats and Caps

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In addition to the typical blue color fabric that Union troops often wore, colors and braid were designed into the caps to indicate the officer rank of the wearer. With 4 sets of 3-band yellow-gold braid that line the outer perimeter of the cap, and a large golden yellow 3-band soutache braid quatrefoil on the top, this Kepi identifies a US Major, Lt. Colonel of the Cavalry. The Kepi is made of dark blue wool and has a heavy black leather visor with bound finished edge. Its functional chin strap is secured by authentic brass US side buttons and center adjustable brass buckle. The interior features a thick leather sweat band, and is cotton and silk lined for comfort. This Union Officer's Kepi is of excellent quality and is at a very affordable price. Ideal for re-enactments, weddings, LARPing, costumes for film and theatre. This reproduction Kepi looks great in display at your home or office, yet is even more impressive while simply resting upon your head. The uniforms of the Civil War helped distinguish between the Union soldiers of the North, and the Confederate soldiers from the south. But early in the war, uniforms were provided by states, towns and wealthy individuals. This resulted in a confusing variety of styles and colors on both sides.

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Enlisted rank was indicated by the use of black chevrons worn with Soutache Braid Confederate Uniforms points up. QM Sergeant. Black or Navy Blue wool color trim. Standard Coat comes fully lined in black polished cotton, or for extra lined in Black Silk. One inside breast pocket and two flap pockets in the skirt. Gold Soutache braid is applied. Three small size buttons on each cuff and four large buttons in the back folds. Optional color Check for the availability of Cadet gray wool. Search this site. Navigation 1. Confederate Soutache Braid Confederate Uniforms Wool Uniforms. Marine Corps. Uniforms and Equipment. Ordering Information.

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Year of fee payment : 4. Effective date : Year of fee payment : 8. The present invention relates to a beverage bottle with a container cap. In particular the beverage bottle has a reversible means for holding the container cap on the outside of the container during use of the bottle which prevents loss of Bottle Cap Caddy cap. The copyright owner has no objection to the reproduction by anyone of the patent document or the patent disclosure as it appears in the Patent and Trademark Office patent files or records, but otherwise reserves all copyright rights whatsoever. The present invention relates to fluid containers and more particularly to a beverage bottle with a container cap with a means for reversibly holding the container cap without replacing the cap on the bottle opening. With the advent of larger individual serving beverage bottles, one frequently Bottle Cap Caddy the issue of what to do with the screw on bottle cap during the drinking process if one is intending to replace the cap when the beverage is only partially consumed. The cap is normally just put down in the nearest place or worse discarded and upon the need Bottle Cap Caddy replace the cap either a search ensues or one must wash the cap after retrieval from the garbage. Another problem with the screw off bottle caps comes during recycling of bottles. It is typical that if the beverage is to be totally consumed that the cap becomes separated and almost never makes the recycling bin for most people. Since billions and billions of bottle caps are not recycled a significant environmental problem exists. While the problem does not exist for pop top cans because the tab stays with the can, no real Bottle Cap Caddy solution is currently in use for bottle caps. Several solutions Bottle Cap Caddy been suggested or are in limited use. One solution to the problems is to outfit a larger soda bottle with Bottle Cap Caddy dispensing means.


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Learn more about how to get here, our hours, admission costs and everything else you need to know about the Wildlife Center. AWCC takes in injured and orphaned animals year-round and provides them with spacious enclosures and quality Portage Ak Webcam care. Most of the animals that arrive at the AWCC become permanent residents and will always Portage Ak Webcam a home here. Announcing this year's selected artists and their celebrations of Alaskan biodiversity through art. The Animal Ambassador went out to our awesome members on December 2nd, and now it is available for all to read. We hope you enjoy the latest issue of the Animal Ambassador featuring animal photo slideshows, exciting announcements, fun games, and MORE! Pro Tip: The Visit Us Learn more about how to get here, our hours, admission costs and everything Portage Ak Webcam you need to know about the Wildlife Center. Meet the Locals Get to know all the animals at the Wildlife Center. Stay up-to-date with all the animals on our Instagram. InJade was picked up by joggers on Portage Ak Webcam runnin. How stinkin' cute is Baby Ruth? She is just that. Load More

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Portage Valley, Anchorage, AK Weather

Portage AK 14 Day Weather Forecast - Long range, extended Portage, Alaska 14 Day weather forecasts and current conditions for Portage, AK. FAA Web Cam at Whittier Airport. The FAA has put up webcams all over the state of Alaska to help pilots get through the mountain passes and to help prevent. Girdwood, AK Weather Conditionsstar_ratehome ; Temperature. High. 21 ; Rain/Snow Depth. Precipitation. ; Temperature. High. Live View Of Anchorage, AK Traffic Camera - Palmer-wasilla Highw. Highway @ Portage Glacier Road MP Webcam provided by — add a webcam. Portage Glacier, Alaska - Current temperature and weather conditions. Detailed hourly weather forecast for today - including weather conditions, temperature.

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